scooping up the ocean
with cupped hands
let all of who you are
love this water
because you are you
because water is water

big water
big heart
too much to hold
no need to

this love
in each drop of water
falling from your hands
returns to its vast oceanness

scooping up the ocean
with cupped hands
now hold this love
now give it all away
because you are not you
because water is not water



time is past - the
future’s only in my head.

now is all that’s real,

you can’t hold onto
what’s escaped the realm of now -
all we’ve read, seen, heard,
breathed, spoken, tasted,
loved -

arms stretch
way out, aiming far
beyond our reach.

for these things that can’t be had.
what was blissful has ended.
what is to come is not the future,
but just another now.

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