scooping up the ocean
with cupped hands
let all of who you are
love this water
because you are you
because water is water

big water
big heart
too much to hold
no need to

this love
in each drop of water
falling from your hands
returns to its vast oceanness

scooping up the ocean
with cupped hands
now hold this love
now give it all away
because you are not you
because water is not water


to the rain!

underneath this
coat of silver -
this medieval contraption -
self - conscious self -
i am soft as the air
around a lightbulb
in a forest
by ancient owls
who have
no necks
and wise birch
trees that drink
to water! to dirt!
to life! i remember again
how to laugh at the
constant hum
of my metallic mind -
how to listen to
the hymn of
rain that drops
out of nowhere
and dots my
somewhere roof
with -
with -

A burden lifted,
Balance restored, and wow - there
Is space for it all!


Still I feel the wind
Moving the wind feels me but
Still I feel the wind


Walking through Harvard
Square barefoot: great idea or
The greatest idea?


Everything’s in flux!
Shit’s about to hit the fan!
Or has already…?


I have changed so much:
I’m even more like myself
Than I used to be!


I’m a Nothing hole.
I am completely broken.
And completely whole.


As I wonder and wander
Deeper into my-selves -
And traverse this rough terrain
Of mine - of mind -
I seem to think
That I am lost -
Because I AM -
And - I am home.


Poem 2.9.12

Felt the up as just up,

Knew it as up and down.

Felt the down as just down,

Saw it as just down.

Saw it as up and down,

Without the up.

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